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New HSK Exam System (from July 1st 2021)

In 2020, an internal Chinese academic paper discussed that the Chinese Proficiency Standards shall usher in a new change: a hybrid paradigm of “Three Stages and Nine Levels” characterized by integration and all-in-one. The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China announced further details regarding HSK 3.0 on April 1, 2021. Among the information shared was a wordlist for each individual stage, and a date for the introduction of the new test - July 1, 2021.

The intermediate levels should test the ability to understand slightly modified authentic materials or authentic materials written/spoken in a clear manner and intended for educated mother tongue speakers: materials concerning everyday topics, simple articles, simple commentaries and critiques found in newspapers and magazines.

The advanced levels should test the ability to understand longer, more complicated and abstract materials: extracts from authentic sources such as textbooks for Chinese university students, Chinese magazine and essays, extracts from modern Chinese literature, interviews and extracts from Chinese media. Moreover, classical Chinese expressions and classical Chinese grammatical structures used in modern formal Chinese should be included too. Source

Level Difficulty Number Of Words Review
HSK 1 Beginner 500 Review new HSK 1
HSK 2 Beginner 772 Review new HSK 2
HSK 3 Beginner 973 Review new HSK 3
HSK 4 Intermediate 1000 Review new HSK 4
HSK 5 Intermediate 1071 Review new HSK 5
HSK 6 Intermediate 1140 Review new HSK 6
HSK 7 Advanced 5636 (combined) Review new HSK 7,8,9
HSK 8 Advanced
HSK 9 Advanced

HSK (1-6) Flashcards

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HSK (1-6) Flashcards

Stroke Order

Animated Hanzi stroke order

Random HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Level
从容 cóngróng leisurely/calm HSK 6
销毁 xiāohuǐ destroy (by melting or burning) HSK 6
项目 xiàngmù program/item/project HSK 5
手表 shǒubiǎo wristwatch HSK 2
分歧 fēnqí difference (of opinion, position) HSK 6
导演 dǎoyǎn to direct/director HSK 5
和平 hépíng peace HSK 5
坚固 jiāngù firm/strong/sturdy HSK 6
君子 jūnzǐ gentleman/man of noble character HSK 6
téng ache/sore/(it) hurts/love fondly HSK 3
修改 xiūgǎi amend/modify/revise/alter HSK 5
dēng lamp/light HSK 3
抚摸 fǔmō gently caress and stroke/to pet/to fondle HSK 6
经历 jīnglì undergo/to experience HSK 4
智商 zhìshāng IQ (intelligence quotient) HSK 6
延期 yán qī delay/extend/postpone HSK 6
配合 pèihé be harmoniously combined or arranged/matching/fitting in with/compatible with/to correspond/to fit/to conform to/rapport/to coordinate with/to act in concern with/to cooperate/to become man and wife/to combine parts of a machine HSK 5
gèng more/even more HSK 3
逃避 táobì to escape/evade/shirk HSK 5
反复 fǎnfù repeatedly/over and over HSK 5

Random non HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning
五股乡 Wǔ gǔ xiāng Wugu township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xīn běi shì], Taiwan
冶金学 yě jīn xué metallurgy
动因 dòng yīn motivation/moving force/underlying force/agent
叫醒服务 jiào xǐng fú wù morning call/wake-up call (hotel service)
名师 míng shī famous master/great teacher
命苦 mìng kǔ to be born under an ill star
国际单位 guó jì dān wèi international unit
地热资源 dì rè zī yuán geothermal resources
报端 bào duān in the newspaper(s)
崔巍 cuī wēi tall/towering
爱现 ài xiàn (coll.) to enjoy showing off
服他灵 fú tā líng voltaren, a trade name for diclofenac sodium, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to reduce swelling and as painkiller/also called 扶他林
棉田 mián tián cotton field
热狗 rè gǒu hot dog (loanword)
生铁 shēng tiě pig iron
端详 duān xiang to look over carefully/to scrutinize
虚位以待 xū wèi yǐ dài to reserve a seat/to leave a position vacant
被子植物 bèi zǐ zhí wù angiosperm (flowering plants with seed contained in a fruit)
超高速乙太网路 chāo gāo sù yǐ tài wǎng lù Gigabit Ethernet
余怒 yú nù residual anger