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New HSK Exam System (from July 1st 2021)

In 2020, an internal Chinese academic paper discussed that the Chinese Proficiency Standards shall usher in a new change: a hybrid paradigm of “Three Stages and Nine Levels” characterized by integration and all-in-one. The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China announced further details regarding HSK 3.0 on April 1, 2021. Among the information shared was a wordlist for each individual stage, and a date for the introduction of the new test - July 1, 2021.

The intermediate levels should test the ability to understand slightly modified authentic materials or authentic materials written/spoken in a clear manner and intended for educated mother tongue speakers: materials concerning everyday topics, simple articles, simple commentaries and critiques found in newspapers and magazines.

The advanced levels should test the ability to understand longer, more complicated and abstract materials: extracts from authentic sources such as textbooks for Chinese university students, Chinese magazine and essays, extracts from modern Chinese literature, interviews and extracts from Chinese media. Moreover, classical Chinese expressions and classical Chinese grammatical structures used in modern formal Chinese should be included too. Source

Level Difficulty Number Of Words Review
HSK 1 Beginner 500 Review new HSK 1
HSK 2 Beginner 772 Review new HSK 2
HSK 3 Beginner 973 Review new HSK 3
HSK 4 Intermediate 1000 Review new HSK 4
HSK 5 Intermediate 1071 Review new HSK 5
HSK 6 Intermediate 1140 Review new HSK 6
HSK 7 Advanced 5636 (combined) Review new HSK 7,8,9
HSK 8 Advanced
HSK 9 Advanced

HSK (1-6) Flashcards

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HSK (1-6) Flashcards

Stroke Order

Animated Hanzi stroke order

Random HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Level
xián to dislike/suspicion/grudge HSK 6
承担 chéngdān undertake/assume (responsibility) HSK 5
苹果 píngguǒ apple HSK 1
tiǎn to lick HSK 6
塑造 sùzào to shape/mould/figure HSK 6
无精打采 wújīngdǎcǎi listless/be dispirited/in low spirits HSK 6
从此 cóngcǐ from now on/since then HSK 5
重复 chóngfù to repeat/to duplicate HSK 5
预先 yùxiān beforehand/prior HSK 6
chǎng courtyard/place/field/(mw for games, performances, etc.) HSK 4
quǎn dog (Kangxi radical 94) HSK 6
中立 zhōnglì neutral/neutrality HSK 6
诈骗 zhàpiàn defraud/swindle/blackmail HSK 6
棍棒 gùnbàng club HSK 6
农民 nóngmín peasant HSK 5
粮食 liángshi grain/food/cereals HSK 5
日益 rìyì day by day/more and more/increasingly HSK 6
辛苦 xīnkǔ hard/exhausting/toilsome/laborious HSK 4
密切 mìqiè close/familiar/intimate HSK 5
客厅 kètīng living room/parlor HSK 4

Random non HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning
lián old variant of 廉[lián]
互不相让 hù bù xiāng ràng neither giving way to the other
南宋 Nán sòng the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279)
博湖 Bó hú Bohu county, Baghrash nahiyisi or Bohu county in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州[Bā yīn guō léng Měng gǔ Zì zhì zhōu], Xinjiang
lào to gossip/to chat (dialect)
墓主 mù zhǔ occupant of tomb/person buried
奥斯丁 Aò sī dīng Austin or Austen (name)/Austin, Texas/also written 奧斯汀
安阳 Ān yáng Anyang prefecture-level city in Henan
密闭式循环再呼吸水肺系统 mì bì shì xún huán zài hū xī shuǐ fèi xì tǒng closed-circuit rebreather scuba (diving)
指代 zhǐ dài to refer to/to be used in place of
探知 tàn zhī to find out/to ascertain/to get an idea of
棒子面 bàng zi miàn maize cornflour/corn mush/polenta
玉泉 Yù quán Yuquan District of Hohhot City 呼和浩特市[Hū hé hào tè Shì], Inner Mongolia
王小波 Wáng Xiǎo bō Wang Xiaobo (1952-1997), scholar and novelist
百万位 bǎi wàn wèi the millions place (or column) in the decimal system
眼观四面,耳听八方 yǎn guān sì miàn, ěr tīng bā fāng lit. the eyes observe all sides and the ears listen in all directions (idiom)/fig. to be observant and alert
睡裙 shuì qún nightgown
置业 zhì yè to buy real estate
鄂州 È zhōu Ezhou prefecture-level city in Hubei
丑闻 chǒu wén scandal